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2019: An Orchestral Oddity

Gave out Also Sprach Zarathustra (seeing as a: it's such a great piece and b: Richard Strauss comes out of copyright this year. Ran through it a number of times; each time better than the last. Think we've found a new concert opener.

Spent a long time on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. It was great to see a mum dancing in the background. Turns out she was a dancer on tour with the show once upon a time.

Youth Orchestra rehearsed Pirates of the Caribbean - it seems to be their equivalent of the main orchestra's Snowflakes - we have to play it every year. Well... it's exciting and I have no issue with this. We need to get a get a small selection of pieces nailed down that we can play almost at the drop of a hat especially with plans this year to use the Youth Orchestra more in the summer.

Oh yes... we also has a single run through of Baby Shark before we ceremoniously ripped it up. Not trying that one one again any time soon!

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