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13 New Members

I delighted to be able to welcome 12 new members into Exeter Children's Orchestra and 1 new member into the Junior Orchestra. We have swelled the number of clarinets thanks to our joint concert with St Peter's School and our 3rd violin section is now thriving - I think there were 10 of them at the last count! Of course their job is to improve and get onto the regular violin parts and I hope they have an exciting time doing so.

Our rehearsal of Walking in the Air, The Greatest Showman and Lord of the Rings went well and I was pleased that everyone who visited today said they'd come back next week.

Our Youth Orchestra rehearsal the entire Snowman suite showed we have an awfully long way to go with maintaining tempo and volume. while using the DVD to play along to is a good idea we struggle to keep up and get confused. I'l need to divide the piece into small sections and time them on the DVD so we can practice against the clock. Additionally the Score and parts we have been provided so not exactly match those you hear on the film. We'll get there, folks. We are especially looking forward to the upcoming visit of Musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra who I hove can not only help the children but give me some pointers too.

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