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The Greatest... Dance

Welcome back everyone - and what a great rehearsal it was. We collected in a 1 meter high stack of old parts and gave the children The Greatest Showman to rehearse in full rehearsal. What a sound! This was not doubt helped by the majority of the players being familiar with the musical and thus we made great progress despite my ham-fisted conducting of From Now On

Our Junior orchestra started work on Sarah Watts' Five Note Philharmonic - which some players found a little too easy but it is difficult to gauge the ability of the players before term starts.

The youth orchestra began work on The Riverdance interpretation of Lord of the Dance. If you want to have a look at an orchestra playing it check out this video - it's fantastic.

Our Strings and Flutes worked their socks off and we started to get the excitement of the 2nd half of the piece although we have a loooong way to go to get to full speed. No! the Trumpets will NOT be allowed to juggle mutes. Dancing, however, will be permitted.

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