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Nearly There!

Not a bad rehearsal today. Some key players were missing but we managed to rehearse Empire Strikes Back (not ideal for Father's Day!!) and Tijuana Tribute making sure the taxi horn gout an outing for Tijuana Taxi.

As we prepare for our Jubilee concert at Powderham Castle (5pm Sunday 26th June) we are still in need of more members. Personally I would like to swell our Violin section by another 12 (yes, 12) members; our Trumpet section by another 6, our trombones by another 2. Add to that a couple more saxes and violas that would really make my week.

Please, if you know of any youngsters who play instruments point them in the direction of ECO and encourage them to come and see us at Powderham or at Connaught Gardens in Sidmouth on 23rd July. No crocodiles please.


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