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Break a Leg! - No, please don't

As we gear up for our spring concert this weekend we start to get the usual calls regarding conflicting commitments with other societies or school activities or the dreaded C word.

Exhibit A (percussionist) spent 2 hours in A&E after attempting trampolining in the dark. Teenagers, eh? Fortunately not broken but they can no longer work the peddles on the timpani so I'll have to waffle a bit while someone changes them between pieces.

Good luck to our Junior Orchestra who will be playing 2 pieces in the concert this term and to Ed and Grace who will both be playing solos to help break up the programme.

Congratulations also to Ed for his starring role in his school's performance of Matilda the Musical. He was Miss Trunchball. We are hoping you will reprise the singing role in the summer in a concert?

Do please come and see us at 18:30 on Saturday 2nd April 22 at St Thomas' Methodist Church, Exeter. It's going to be a great evening and the larger the audience the more more the young people play out (and occasionally up).


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