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EYO in Teignmouth

A lovely concert in our favourite church: St Michael, The Archangel, in Teignmouth.

EYO played once again this year as part of the Teignmouth Classical Musical Festival to an almost packed church of families and friends. For a few it was their first EYO concert and with the orchestra so much smaller than ECO there is nowhere to hide!

With two solos and a clarinet rag trio - accompanied by the whole orchestra we delivered a veriety of music for all tastes.

We even played the first piece again after the audience didn't do what we expected and had to have some "coaching". (they were too well behaved)

Our last piece, Lord of the Dance, saw each section standing up as we played until the whole orchestra was on its feet. A great ending to a great concert.

Thanks also go to a trio of our past members who came to help swell the sound and also to our woodwind tutor, Laura for playing sax and accompanying our oboe soloist.

Note: It turns out you should't transport portable timpani upside down with the tension peddle totally slack. Cue six of us doing our best countryside vet impressions trying to reconnect a handful of rods inside to the the spindles! A lot of inspired use of teaspoons as levers and then a whole lot of re-tuning and we had a functional set again and only a little late starting the rehearsal.

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