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All Change Please!

So my Grade 6 Baritone Horn player has kindly agreed two weeks before our spring concert to switch to Trumpet as we are in need of confident brass. Go Ned! What a star. CHANGE #1

We had a great rehearsal despite the best efforts of the roadworks and diversions on Exe Bridges meaning some players were still drifting in half an hour into rehearsal. CHANGE #2

We are felling confident and relaxed leading towards Easter and my fears from last week were laid to rest (perhaps temporarily) so much I offered them an extra piece in the concert. CHANGE #3

It can sometimes seem an uphill struggle getting volunteers for solos for concerts but this term have had some very eager volunteers from young players who clearly have not yet learned how to be self conscious and nervous. I've watched facebook videos of one of them playing from memory and talk about nerves of steel! It's going to be a lovely concert on the 23rd. A quick swap of soloists was required today when one of them realised she couldn't actually make the concert in which she was supposed to play her solo. CHANGE #4

Tomorrow's concert in Teignmouth is looking good now too with a (relieved) drop of Toccata - I really must see if I can get the Sky version I used to play in City of Plymouth Concert Band. And we have replaced it with Memory from Cats. Only handed out this week but they played it beautifully. CHANGE #5

The orchestra have their new black folders with the Orchestra logo on. Plenty of space to write their names on too with a sharpie. They all seemed very excited with them. CHANGE #6

Finally as we were packing up two young flautists asked if I could help them hire bassoons from Devon Music. They'd been playing school ones and wanted to play bassoon in ECO. I readily agreed and am looking forward to having 2 bassoonists. CHANGE #7

Play the basson if you phone goes off

Finally, this evening, I am printing the programme inserts for tomorrow's concert because sometimes it's easier to do this kind of think at the last minute - NO CHANGE THERE !!!

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