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Open Day Success

On Saturday I was delighted to welcome more than a dozen new players to the Orchestra. At our rehearsals we will now have 5 french horns, and 5 alto saxophones. We also have two potential new cellists in Junior Orchestra and a possible bassoonist once he's sourced a bassoon to play.

We ran our usual section rehearsals and then full rehearsal with Yellow Bird, and In The Hall of The Mountain King. The Orchestra then showed off with The Greatest Showman.

Youth Orchestra welcomed some new members too and we a building up a strong core of musicians who will help the full orchestra greatly with their knowledge, ability and confidence.

We played E.T. and Lord of The Dance (which sounds really empty without a drum kit!)

Next week is our ECO breakfast meeting where we brainstorm ideas from all the children and work out our direction from a massive sheet of paper on which they've put ideas for pieces, fundraising, trips and venues.

We also welcomed a guitarist - we don't really cater for guitarists (I don't know how to write parts for them yet) but we DO welcome bass guitarists. Rumours are we may be getting a harpist too so that'll be interesting.

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