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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Okay wrong film. We had a fairly relaxed post concert rehearsal with revivals of How to Train Your Dragon and Farandole. Queen's We Will Rock You is a new piece for us which I hope we can crack in just three rehearsals in time for Connaught Gardens. 

After the break I handed out The Snowman and we tried two sight read run throughs accompanying the DVD player through a speaker via my laptop. Lots of parents came in to listen and the children got a massive round of applause for their efforts. Rehearing against the filmnis really hard as the parts are a little different (but not by much) and on occasions the bars skip in length to match the animation. This is all stuff we will have to learn and I will need to get the hang of to ensure we are to-the-second perfect. One member has offered to make me a click track I can have playing in my ear to keep us on track and I'm beginning to warm to the idea. We now have all summer to learn our parts ready to begin on earnest in September. 

Exciting times ahead.

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