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2 Reharsals to go!

Welcome back everyone! Just two rehearsals to go for our concert at St Peter's School on 23rd June. We're sharing it with the school and inviting their musicians to 'guest' in with us throughout the concert. Hopefully we might gain some more members and if this works we plan to take these concerts to local schools once a year.

We shall be playing the RAF match past as this year is the 100th anniversary of the RAF. It's always an interesting challenge adapting wind band for full orchestra and this one was no exception. We've found ourselves adjusting it as we go and hopefully it will sound great in our concert and at Connaught Gardens in Sidmouth. Unfortunately we have had to drop my arrangement of The Floral Dance this year as I'm sure the children eat the music I produce. I'm forever having to replace parts! We've also had to drop our last rendition of The Typewriter and will be seeing the return of the incredibly atmospheric composition, Stonehenge.

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