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Don't Be Alarmed

Focused on La La Land today. It's really starting to come along nicely. So much so that I rewarded the children with the music of their choice for the last quarter of an hour. They chose Phantom of the Opera (oh boy!) I didn't have my score to I conducted from a violin part. It didn't go badly and it certainly impressed the parents who had come in to listen. Delighted to welcome Rose and Clare into the orchestra and see them having a good go at their parts.

Youth Orchestra revised the Waltzing Cat, Worked more on Chicago, and finished with Pirates of the Caribbean and I am the Doctor (Matt Smith's theme). We now have a very nice repertoire of music for our forthcoming Teignmouth Classical Music Concert.... we may even squeeze the odd bit of classical music in too.

P.S. The fire drill went well to. No children or instruments were harmed in the evacuations so kudos to us, I think.

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