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We had a great concert on Saturday night at the Exeter Salvation Army. We filled the platform and a great many seats too.

This year we had plenty of solos, trios and quartets along with the usual high-energy Christmas music and a sprinkling of carols.

The Orchestra mums excelled themselves with the refreshments including warm spicy apple juice an mince pieces.

We were pleased to invite children from the audience to come and join in with Rock-a-bell Jingle and even had a pledge from a couple if children to join in January.

Our Junior Orchestra was amazing conducted by head elf, Helen. They even had to do an encore.

I'm sorry I've missed a weeks of blogging but things have been really hectic.

Lest week we had a fantastic session recording audition pieces to try to get onto the Disney Live stage when we go to EuroDisney on the way back from our Germany Trip. As there was no guidance on what music we should play except it should be from our current repertoire we recorded How To Train Your Dragon and Avengers: Endgame.

I've been working frantically this week to finish assembling all the parts for this year's Christmas programme. I'm delighted to say I've finally finished and have finalised the running order for our 14th December concert at Exeter Salvation Army.

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new term. We kicked off with music from the film Avengers Endgame much to the excitement of some of our older members. We continued relearsals of our Abba medley which is slowly coming together. We are delighted to welcome new members this term including flautists, a bassoonist, saxophonist, clarinettist, percussionist and a cornet player. Welcome to you all. Youth Orchestra had another go at Chronicles of Narnia but it's looking to be a little too hard so we have broken out Grease! Instead. Our first run-through of it sounded pretty good. Please please advertise us and bring children along. 

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